Beautiful purple and clear Swarovski with the string of white glass pearls they're beautiful ask for number 6
Beautiful gold and clear Swarovski with gold glass beads beautiful for only $8 earrings and bracelet ask for # 4
Beautiful clear and purple Swarovski with pink glass beads will make any girl feel pretty the set is only $8 ask for #3
White glass beads makes this piece stand out with the Swarovski in blue beautiful set ask for # 2
See this beautiful Swarovski is dark blue in this one and the white glass beads make this be stand out from all the rest earrings and cluded and just as beautiful size fits all
These glass beads are beautiful with the purple Swarovski fits any arm ask for #1
This beautiful white glass beads with Swarovski pink stones two piece necklace 14 in Long and bracelet little lady in house will love it ask for #21
Not enough words for this beautiful purple necklace right at 13 in Long beautiful for that little girl in the house that little young lady ask fit # 22
This beautiful green paint clear Swarovski is so unusual it's beautiful with these glass Pink beads ask for # 5
This beautiful pink glass beads with Swarovski stones are beautiful for that beautiful lady in the house it is 18 in Long if she looks beautiful and pink she will look beautiful in this ask for # 28
This beautiful white beads with Swarovski and the floating Silver Cross is gorgeous for that little lady in the house she'll feel so wonderful with this song it is 12 and a half inch long ask for #19
Wonderful glass beads with Swarovski found only in Australia makes this little girls bling beautiful
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