Beautiful clear pink Swarovski wonderful four-year baby ask for number 15
This beautiful clear Swarovski is wonderful for that newborn an heirloom for years to come ask for number 14 it's made with white glass beads
Pink glass beads with clear Swarovski beautiful for Baby Bling baby's first bracelet ask for number 13
Beautiful white glass beads with purple Swarovski that comes only from Australia ask for number 12
Pink Baby Bling Swarovski width glass beads ask for number 11 Swarovski are found only in Australia Beautiful Baby Bling
Beautiful purple and clear Swarovski with the string of white glass pearls they're beautiful ask for number 6
Beautiful gold and clear Swarovski with gold glass beads beautiful for only $8 earrings and bracelet ask for # 4
Beautiful clear and purple Swarovski with pink glass beads will make any girl feel pretty the set is only $8 ask for #3
White glass beads makes this piece stand out with the Swarovski in blue beautiful set ask for # 2
Bright pink glass beads with this white Swarovski stand out so pretty on any baby's wrist ask for number 18
Beautiful Swarovski clear crystal with glass beads that beautiful baby in your heart
This beautiful green paint clear Swarovski is so unusual it's beautiful with these glass Pink beads ask for # 5